Career Change's aim is to help both adults and school students to set clear career directions to give you a sense of purpose and direction.

Changing Careers as an Adult

I have experience in helping you to make sense of the confusion and help you find out more about what motivates you, what you value and what your career options might be.

Career planning is a lifelong process and doesn't finish once you've entered your first career. It is a process of self-discovery – of exploring career choices and refining needs. With age and experience, we learn more about what makes us happy in life. We begin to appreciate the unique and remarkable integration of personality, interests, skills and values that make each of us who we are. We begin to take serious stock in finding career paths that best compliment this unique sense of identity. And, in time and with change, we find ourselves in careers that truly fit.

Most people I have worked with know what they want to do for a career – but they lack the confidence or ability to act. They have lost sight of what really interests them, what motivates them and what will really give them job-satisfaction. The clues are there – but do you know how to find them and when you've found them do you know what to do?

Give me a call and we can work towards understanding what career will help give you a sense of purpose.

You might also need some help with;

  • Job search support – from where and how to find the jobs to interviews and CV preparation
  • Career assessments to help you understand your career personality, an analysis of your occupational interests, identifying your key skills and strengths and looking at your work and life values

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