Career Change's aim is to help both adults and school students to set clear career directions to give you a sense of purpose and direction.

Why do Career Planning?


This usually becomes apparent when you arrive at a transition point (leaving school, change in personal circumstances) or in a time of crisis (redundancy).

Career planning gives you a focus and a sense of direction and purpose. Knowing what you want to do can save you time, effort, energy and money.

What is career planning?

The career planning model has four stages:

  1. Assessment, interpretation and understanding of work and life preferences and passions for the future.
  2. Exploring viable options - the obvious ones and those arrived at by being encouraged to think outside the square.
  3. Researching those options and testing them against reality.
  4. Identifying goals and a self-marketing package.

In one to three hours, I will lead you through a process that will help you make decisions that are viable, satisfying and rewarding.

Other Services may include:

Career Decision-Making
We work with individual clients and small groups to facilitate career decision-making.   Each client leaves the process with a worksheet recording their outcomes and a visual career profile that integrates their key insights, conclusions and actions.

Outplacement Support
Employer sponsored individual or group programmes for those who have lost their job through redundancy.  The employer negotiates a fee for services with us and we work with the staff member to map out a customised support programme that can include career planning, CV, job search strategy and interviewing skill coaching. 

Curriculum Vitae Preparation
A professionally presented Curriculum Vitae is essential determinants of a successful career move. Depending on complexity, the process can take between 2 and 4 hours for an initial meeting to gather content and write the documents.

Job Search & Interview Skill Coaching
Clients often need support with job search strategy and interviewing skills to ensure a successful, well-planned and discreet change from their current position.

Work-Life Balance or Retirement Planning
Seeking more pleasure, meaning or engagement alongside work? Uncertain how to maintain purpose and challenge while adjusting work-life blend? Our process uses an easy, hands-on way of remembering what is important and triggering new possibilities.  We offer individual or group programmes for those who are seeking better work-life blending and for those considering partial or total retirement in the future.
Career Coaching or Professional Supervision

An impartial and confidential sounding board to make sense of workplace problems and issues or provide career practice supervision.

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