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18 Jun 2014
Russell Booth

Writing a cover letter is a difficult task for many people mainly because they are unsure about how useful it really is in the eyes of an employer.

11 Jun 2014
Russell Booth

Some people just seem to keep missing out on the job that they really want. They seem to do everything right but either someone else was better qualified or…

5 Jun 2014
Russell Booth

In the fourth school term, school students will finish the task of choosing the school subjects it can be an anxious and confusing time not only for students but also parents…

3 Jun 2014
Russell Booth

Over the last few years the format of CVs has changed and people seem to have become confused about what they should put in and what it should look like…

1 Jun 2014
Russell Booth

For many people, work is seen as a necessary evil - it's what you do so you can afford to do the fun things in your leisure time. Did you know that many of you will spend around…