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Are you doing the work you really want to do?

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Russell Booth

For many people, work is seen as a necessary evil - it’s what you do so you can afford to do the fun things in your leisure time. Did you know that many of you will spend around 80,000 hours at work during your lifetime – far too long to be doing something you don’t enjoy!

The concept of a career today is seen as a lifelong process and includes paid and unpaid work. As far as paid work goes, it’s basic common sense to choose a career that you’re really going to enjoy. Most people already know what they are and are not interested in and what they are good at. But here’s the rub – many people are not doing what they really, really want to do. That’s mainly because we are conditioned from an early age to aspire to what influential people around us – parents, teachers, peers, and the media – and not us as individuals, define as a good job or career. We then they get ‘stuck’ in particular careers and don’t move on – even when our work interests and values change later in life.

It’s true that many people dream about changing careers and finding increased levels of job satisfaction, but the reality is that few actually follow through with it. It just seems too stressful, costly and daunting to do anything about it and most drift from year to year hoping things will get better or change as if by magic! To change careers there are many steps, but one of those is to firstly find out more about the variety of other careers out there and then what people in those other careers actually do and how to get into them.

The New Zealand Career Services Career Information website is an excellent site to view the different careers available in New Zealand. This site is a world beater! If you look under the ‘Job Info’ link for example you’ll see you can select careers by alphabet, by industry grouping or by interest area. There are eleven career interest areas, under each of which are more specific headings which help you narrow down career ideas further. Once you reach the comprehensive list of career ideas under each interest area, you can then access useful information on each career. This includes outlines of what people in that career actually do on a day-to-day basis, how to get into it (including linking to the actual sites of the providers who offer the qualifications and training), working conditions, personal profiles of people doing that work and the salary rates and prospects for that career.

Just by spending some time surfing the site, you’ll see that there are other options to consider – either in your current work interest area or in one that is quite different! The great thing about this site is that you can then base your career decisions on actual facts which is a vital component on how all career decisions should be made!

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