Career Change's aim is to help both adults and school students to set clear career directions to give you a sense of purpose and direction.

School Students

As a School Student

It can be a very confusing time at school trying to decide what career you want to follow. Expectations from parents, friends, teachers and others make the career choice even more confusing and stressful as a range of opinions and well-meaning "If I were you..." advice is often offered.

That 'first' career choice needs to be a considered and well thought out one - and one that the young person can stand by with confidence and understand why they have made it. It's important to gather information from a range of assessments and leaflets - but it's more important to help young people make sense of all the information and understand how it applies to them.

Through one on one sessions students are taken through a process that assists them to manage their current and future career choices. They will get;

  • Help to clarify their career direction by understanding why they think the way they do and how other career information and assessments relate to their own thoughts and ideas
  • Knowledge of:

    • the skills they like to use

    • the values that are important to them and
  • How their personality impacts on career choice

Information for Parents

Parents are very keen to help their children make good career decisions. You can support them most by listening first and encouraging their dreams - regardless of how far-fetched they seem. In most cases they are trying to work it out themselves - they just need a sounding board.

Remember that this is their career and not yours. They are often not confused - they just don't know how to tell you what they want to do. Young people usually show hesitation in making career decisions for two reasons - they are waiting for someone in authority (a parent) to agree with their idea - or they are still looking for another viable alternative.

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